Cute baby noises and weird mummy imitations

As soon as Samuel started cooeing, googo and gaggaring me and Adam instinctively started imitating him he loves hearing us say the noises back to him and we have lovely conversations.

I only noticed the problem with this today!

We were having a normal lunch with two normal adults and my beautiful baby boy is sitting in his highchair stuffing his face with as much food as he can get his hands on! I’m having a lovely grown up conversation with one of the normal adult, when Samuel starts to make an ‘ooo GA’ followed by a ‘ha ha’ (everything is hilarious at the minute!!) so instinctively I repeat ‘ooo Ga’ ‘ha ha, is it funny Samuel’ whilst in deep normal adult conversation! No one said anything, they were far too polite (unlike me who interrupted our conversation to make weird noises) but they must think I’m a bit mad!

Even though I’ve only just noticed I must have been doing this for months, to many unsuspecting people.

I get so wrapped up in my little boy that even when I’m with a group of adults, if Samuel makes a noise, talks, claps, smiles or even moves, everything seems to stop and all I notice is him. He amazes me every day how one little baby can learn so much in his first year of life?

Please tell me I’m not the only one!


1 thought on “Cute baby noises and weird mummy imitations

  1. Yes I’ve done that too. Lol
    Wait til you start rocking an empty shopping trolley back and forth like you would a pushchair……

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