Controlled crying: we do it ……. But I hate it!

I’m writing this sat on the stairs listening to my beautiful little boy cry his eyes out and it’s killing me ! 
Samuel has never been a great sleeper but the last few months we have got him into a really good routine. 

But part of this routine is leaving him to cry when we put him down for a sleep. I hate it ! We’ve tried everything else, I mean everything: the patting gently on his back, rocking him to sleep ( this worked wonders for a a few months then he got to wriggly and agitated), sitting by the cot but they all stopped working and he was waking 4-5 times in the night.

So we tried letting him cry, we’d sit outside his bedroom door glued to the video monitor hating every moment of it. And eventually the crying became less and less and he started sleeping for longer and waking up less.

I still go in if he is getting hysterical and put his dummy back in lay him back down and say ‘sleepy time’.

But it really is the hardest thing to do, it’s not natural to leave your precious baby crying, even if you know it’s for the best. Even though you know if you don’t he’ll have a really unsettled sleep. 

I’m still hoping for the day that we put him down at 7pm and he sleeps soundly until 7 am the next morning ……. I can dream !!! 

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