Why we love Tiny Talk (baby signing) 

We’ve been going to tiny talk since Samuel was about 12 weeks he is now 12 months and we love it. Not only is it a great class with lots of singing and noisy toys, it’s brilliant for babies development. At the end of the class there’s even time for a drink and a biscuit and a good ‘ole chin wag while the babies play.
Our tiny talk teacher is Emma and Samuel absolutely adores her ! whatever Samuel is doing wether it’s playing with other babies or touching something he shouldn’t as soon as Emma starts singing her enthusiastic welcome “hello everybody hello everyone hello everybody let’s sign let’s have some fun…” his eyes are fixed on her, and an insanely cute smile is plastered across his face ! ( it’s a little upsetting that he can have that smile for anyone else but me or his daddy, but I get over it !!)
Some people are a little sceptical about baby signing because they think if you teach a baby to sign then they won’t bother talking. This is not true tiny talk classes really encourage talking as well as signing. When they teach you and your baby the signs they ask you to clearly say the word as you show them the sign.
I find that when I try to teach him the signs I tend to repeat them 3/4 times and at the same time I am saying the word 3/4 times. If I wasn’t trying to teach him signing I don’t think i would be repeating the words as much as this.
Samuel can sign: Milk, More and he can clap. Samuel’s friend Cooper who is 7 months older is an absolute pro and can sign loads including some of my favourite: dinosaur, mouse, food, thank you and many more.

A picture of Samuel with his first certificate for signing Milk.
Every time we come home from a class Samuel is so talkative ( baby talkative goo goo, da da, mummmmm, nomm, raaahhhh ). He has a lovely conversation with himself in the car seat mirror!
You can get more information about the benefits of tiny tiny and classes information here:

Have you taught your baby to sign?

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