I have a toddler!

How did this happen?!? I’ve lost my little baby, he has been replaced with a walking, shouting climber!!! I knew this was coming he’s been walking round the furniture for months and everyone kept saying ‘oooo he’ll be walking soon how exciting’ and I kept thinking, no it’s not exciting I really don’t want him… Read More I have a toddler!


Mini quiche

These mini quiche are quick and easy to make and best thing is you can make a batch of them, freeze them and defrost them whenever you need them! I made these ones with red pepper, but you can use, mushrooms, tomato, onion. Recipe makes 10-12 mini quiche ( depending on how thick you roll… Read More Mini quiche


We survived …

….Our first all day wedding with a little one! My cousin got married in Southwold ( about 1 hour 45 mins from us)  Despite the fact that Samuels ‘normal’ routine went right out of the window and instead of going to sleep at 7pm he didn’t sleep until 10pm!!!!!! We had a lovely time, the… Read More We survived …