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My top five baby item’s 

We have two lovely ladies in our family that are expecting babies in December, this got me thinking about what I couldn’t live without when I first had Samuel so I compiled a list…

1. Video baby monitor – this is just amazing and the one thing I couldn’t live without it saves you running up and down the stairs constantly and potentially waking baby up.

2. Nursing pillow- wether your breast feeding or bottle feeding once you have one it will not leave your side.

3. Nursing chair – especially in the first few months this was invaluable not only is it a really comfy place for those night feeds, in the future you can use it for bed time stories!

4. Muslins, Muslins and more Muslins !! – we had a very refluxy baby so these were essential but there are so many different uses for them.

Some of my favourites include: a cover for breast feeding, playing peek-a-boo, a make shift bib if you forget one, and of course the more conventional uses.

5. Bouncy chair- Samuel loved his bouncy chair especially the dangly owl that was hanging from it. It’s great for day time naps or if you need to pop baby down to go to the toilet, cook or eat!

Do you agree? Comment below and let me know What you best purchases.

6 thoughts on “My top five baby item’s 

  1. Yes!!! Agree with this whole post 🙂 especially the nursing chair – it was a god send! we still use it now every night for story time – Phillipa will turn 2 in August so we’ve definitely got our money’s worth 🙂 x

  2. DEFINATLY muslins!! My girl goes through 1-2 a day! There her comfort thing & shes always got them next to her face, my boy was the same!! & video baby monitors! I love them.. i can see wether shes ok! I didnt have them with my little boy but definatly an essential! 💖

  3. Brilliant, totally agree. Was only saying tonight I have used my second hand nursing chair every day for 2 years. It has now been moved out of my sons room into our new extension as we can’t afford a new sofa yet… to be honest I don’t think I will find something as comfy so may keep it a whole;-) and Muslins I still use and he is over 2 !!

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