We survived . . . Our wedding with a toddler!

My cousin got married in Southwold ( about 1 hour 45 mins from us)
Despite the fact that Samuels ‘normal’ routine went right out of the window and instead of going to sleep at 7pm he didn’t sleep until 10pm!!!!!! We had a lovely time, the ceremony was outside and the wonderful British weather was very kind to us although slightly windy. We even had a game of cricket as the backdrop it was very idilic.

My cousin had put out a toy and colouring book and crayons for the kiddies so this helped keep Samuel and the other little ones occupied through the speeches. Along with the large amount of breadsticks and rice cakes i kept feeding him!

Samuel had a lovely time walking around the straw bales!

The best thing about weddings with children has to be dancing along to the disco with them I love dancing with Samuel he thinks it’s funny, especially if I sing along!

Here are a few tips if you have a wedding coming up :

  1. First rule:” less is not more! More is more in this case anyway.
  2. Pack for every eventuality, here are just a few essentials:
  • Toys – preferable soft toys that don’t make to much noise if they are banged on the table/chair/ person sitting next to them!
  • Snacks- this is probably the most important thing you will pack, they can be used to silence a little one in the ceremony, during the speeches, any time of day really
  • Blankets with little holes/large muslin- to place over the pushchair for when/IF your little darling goes to sleep. This will stop people waking your little one up when they peer into the pushchair and comment on how angelic they look when they are sleeping.

What are your baby wedding essentials?

For your own sanity throw all ideas of keeping little ones in their ‘normal’ routine out of the window. It will save you the stress and crushing defeat if it doesn’t happen, and if it does you will have a lovely surprise 🙂

If you do manage to keep your routine please tell me your secret because we have another wedding coming up in September !!!

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