I have a toddler!

How did this happen?!? I’ve lost my little baby, he has been replaced with a walking, shouting climber!!!

I knew this was coming he’s been walking round the furniture for months and everyone kept saying ‘oooo he’ll be walking soon how exciting’ and I kept thinking, no it’s not exciting I really don’t want him to walk, I’ll loose my baby.
Well I was wrong every time Samuel makes it to the door,stair-gate or toy he wanted he will turn back and give me the best smile. He is so proud of himself and im so proud of him! If we’re out and a bout he’ll reach up to hold my hand and when we’ve walked a celebratory amount Samuel will look up smile and squeal with delight.
When he falls he’ll look to me to help him up. Or look at me in pride when he gets himself up.
So I was wrong I haven’t lost my baby he still needs me for reasurance, for celebration and of course all the other necessities like food, clean nappies and baths.


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