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Forced relaxation- My Glucose tolerance test

Today was my glucose tolerance test appointment. Better known as ‘forced sit down on your bum and do nothing for 2 hours while we periodically stick needles in your arm’.

I’d been dreading this for weeks, not just because of the 3 blood tests but also the fact that I had to sit in the doctors surgery waiting room for over 2 hours! And not eat breakfast!

All was arranged my mum had turned up to look after Samuel, and off I went with my book ( there is no 3G or wifi at the surgery??!!) and my huge bottle of lucozade.
First blood test was horrible because I have rubbish veins that collapse at the sight of a needle.

I then settled myself into the waiting room for my hour long wait and began to read my book. Before I knew it I was 40 pages in and I was being called back into the surgery for my second blood test.

The nurse was on a roll and had found a good vein so this one was fine.

And I almost looked forward to my next hour of reading!

The next hour didn’t go as quickly because I was getting hungry and often found myself staring into space fantasising about croissants and pastries! But it wasn’t bad!

I did actually feel quite relaxed afterwards and I’ve now got into a really good book that I know I wouldn’t have started otherwise.

So if you have one of these test coming up, they aren’t as bad as they sound and it is nice to force yourself to sit down for a couple of hours and actually relax!

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