My morning of yo yo emotions!

I am currently suffering from (hypothetical) whiplash from the range of emotions I have had this morning. I’ve had to make myself a cup of coffee and eat a pile of biscuits just to recover!

It all started when Samuel woke up this morning!
First emotion: Pure love as Samuel says ‘Hi Mumma’ as I go into his room this morning.

Second emotion: Anger/Sadness as Samuel hits me in the face while we wave Daddy off to work.

Third emotion: Pride as Samuel walks and talks the whole way from the car to my mums cafe. He then sits and eats his second breakfast really well!

Fourth emotion: Embarrassment as Samuel lays down on the floor in the bank and won’t get up again.

Fifth emotion: Frustration/Embarrassment /Exhaustion as Samuel decides to get off the floor and instead run in circles around the bank as I waddle after him trying to catch him!

Sixth emotion: Anxiety as I try and get the ladder into the car without waking a sleeping Samuel.

Seventh emotion: Elation as I successfully transfer a sleeping Samuel from the car to his cot with out waking him!!

No wonder us Mummies and Daddies are knackered at the end of the day !!
How many emotions have you experienced today?? Let me know by commenting below.

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