This weekend we popped into our village for some essentials, and hubby was attending an event to promote the local cricket club.

So all was going well, we dropped daddy off to set up and wondered into town, Samuel was walking nicely and holding my hand, I was feeling very smug.

This didn’t last long! We went into the local cafe/health food shop to get some yeast for our pizza dough. As I was at the counter paying, Samuel ran away from me, he stopped at a shelve and next thing I knew he had had an egg carton in each hand! He turned round to look at me with the most devilish look on his face and as I said ‘ DON’T YOU DARE!’ He through both egg cartons on the floor!

Que mummy’s complete horror! 12 free range eggs completely smashed on the floor, I quickly scrambled together ( eggcuse the pun!!) the eggs and £3.12 and dumped them on the counter and ran out of there with a red face!
Samuel was promptly put in his pushchair, where he was feeling very pleased with himself ! The ordeal didn’t quite end there though, oh no I ran into a local lady I know and she stopped to have a friendly conversation about when the new baby was due and helping out with the cricket club. Little did she know she had stopped a hormonal pregnant lady who had just had to deal with Egg gate! So half way through the conversation I just burst into tears, in the middle of the market place, it wasn’t even a nice feminine cry it was a proper ugly face cry.
Looking back on it now I’m sure it was just the hormones that made it seem like the end of the world, but I am now using reins whenever Samuel is not in the pushchair.
I still get him to hold my hand but it is just an extra safety level in case he slips out of my hand. It’s made popping into shops a lot less stressful, because Samuels not even two yet so I can’t really expect him to be able to stay still and hold my hand when there is so many exciting colours and objects in shops.

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