Baby group dating . . . an introduction 

Baby groups, they aren’t as daunting as you may think.

Now if you’ve never been to a baby group let me set the scene they are usually held In a village hall, church or sure start center. You walk into the room and there are lots of parents/grandparents sitting round with their baby’s and toddlers playing with a random selection of toys that have been donated. Sometimes they have a coffee, at our baby group you get lovely warm croissant’s!
Once you’ve settled in found somewhere to put your bag and your baby is playing happily it’s time to start taking to people. I like the fact that there are unspoken rules, you know where you are, and what’s expected!
This is a typical conversation you can expect at a baby group:

You: Hi ‘How olds your little one’ – [never say little girl/boy!!! You don’t want to get it wrong! Even if they are wearing blue/pink just don’t risk it !! ]

New Mummy: She/He is 17 weeks

You: awww he/she is lovely/beautiful/handsome
This is Elijah he is 14 weeks.

I’m Jess by the way.

New Mummy: Hi I’m (Emma)
Aww he’s lovely

How’s Elijah sleeping ? . . . .

There’s so many things you can talk about, feeding, sleeping, wether your little one is rolling over, how your dealing with sleep deprivation, nap times, bedtime routines, co-sleeping, weaning, baby products, Going back to work, being a stay at home mummy.

It’s so important to have some Mummy friends, because they will know better than anyone what your going through at the moment, the highs and lows!
So if you’ve been putting off going to any groups go! You might find some new Mummy friends!


9 thoughts on “Baby group dating . . . an introduction 

  1. Defo agree that baby groups are a great place to meet other Mums and its very important to be sociable at the beginning for sure! These questions are spot on!! 🙂

  2. So true about the questions and you don’t dare assumr their child’s sex in case you’ve got it wrong! Groups are a great source of information and support but it can get a bit competitive in terms of who’s walking/sittting up/sleeping through first x

  3. getting out and meeting other new mums is so important. I met my best friend 18 years ago at antenatal classes and without her I would have struggled so much over the years.

  4. Just to throw a spanner in the works – when you don’t specify the baby by gender, do the mums know you think their girl may look boyish? hahahaha This is why I avoid baby groups – I overthink everything and get flustered!
    Thank you for joining us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back on Tuesday

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