Reviews to the rescue!

When my washing machine started making an awful noise and not draining properly I panicked ! I have a 2 year old and a 14 week old so as you can imagine we have a lot of washing ! More than one load most days.

So I contacted and they came to the rescue offered me a washing machine in exchange for a review.

I couldn’t believe it! I was quite nervous because they wanted a video review and I hadn’t done one of those before, but I was so excited for the challenge and of course my new washing machine.

From my first contact with, I was really impressed with their customer service, the machine was delivered the next day and the delivery drivers we’re great.

They took away my old machine and plumbed in the new one. They didn’t make any mess and they took all packaging away.

They were so friendly even after my little one had said ‘man man VAN’ for the 100th time!

I chose the Bosch series 8 WAW32450GB mainly because of the large drum capacity ( 9kg ) and the 1600 rpm spin,
perfect for a family!

It’s such a good machine, it has every setting you would possibly need including: sportswear, cottons, , and my favourite quick wash ( 15 mins! )

I like the sleek look of the machine it looks nice and modern with out being ‘in your face’.

It’s very user friendly, with clear simple settings. It has a central dial with all the washing modes on, and the on off button.

To the left there’s the draw with space for washing powder, pre wash and fabric softener.

To the right is a screen with red/orange LED lights, it’s here that you can adjust the spin speed, washing time and temperature. The start/ pause button is located here, along with the reduce iron setting, child lock ( great feature) and aqua plus setting.

Another great feature of the Bosch series 4 WAW32450GB is the ECO silence drive, which basically means it’s really quiet ! Honestly the quietest washing machine I’ve ever heard!

Possible my favourite feature is the LED light on the inside of the machine, you’ll never leave an odd sock in the drum again!

The only negative points I can say about the machine is the mirrored door surround showed every finger mark but then it looks really nice so I can’t complain.

Check out my video review with a guest appearance from Elijah!

If you looking for an new electrical appliance I can’t recommend enough!

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