The big family brush up! 

You may or may not know that before I became a mummy, I was a dental nurse for 7 years. So when Denplan announced their Big family brush up campaign I jumped at the chance to join in!

As soon as Samuel started teething I gave him a toothbrush to hold and he loved it! He would chew on it for ages!

Now he loves to brush his teeth, he will go In to the bathroom get his toothbrush and ask us to put toothpaste on it!

I think it’s really important for little one’s to see you brushing your teeth, they learn so much through mirroring your movements.

Even if your little one just has one tooth, give them a baby toothbrush to hold and chew, it must feel nice on their tender teething gums!

You don’t just have to brush your teeth in the bathroom!

What is ‘The big family brush up?’ 
Throughout June and July, denplan are challenging families to really focus on their brushing habits for a four week period, to ensure your children are brushing thoroughly for two minutes, twice a day. All they need to do is fill in their brushing charts every morning and night for four weeks. Click here for a link to their website for for a downloadable brushing chart and more information.
Since we’ve been doing the big family brush up, I’ve been trying to get Samuel to learn to actually brush his teeth rather than just chew on it.

I’ve been doing this through mirroring, I show him how to brush and get him to copy, it’s so funny because instead of moving the toothbrush he moves his head backwards and forwards! I then go over and brush his teeth at the end. He’s really getting there though I’m so proud!

Do your little one’s have any funny brushing habits ? I’d love to hear about them, comment below 😊

Note: I received a gift from denplan in exchange for promoting their campaign

6 thoughts on “The big family brush up! 

  1. My two are actually pretty good at allowing me to brush their teeth and then they’ll have a turn themselves after wards. My sensory girl just chews the brush ha ha! But my 3 yr old is pretty good at brushing now.

  2. Such a good idea, we gave both of our girls a toothbrush at a really age and I am sure that helped. Amelie has a brush now with a flashing light for two minutes and she loves trying to brush for as long as the light goes which helps massively! I love the idea above and will check out the planner

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