To the kind lady in Lidl . . . 

My faith in mankind is restored !
You didn’t know that it was only my second time tackling the food shop on my own with my two year old and my 4 month old.

You didn’t know I’d forgotten my bags because I was trying to get out of the house with two crying children.

You didn’t know that when I’d found a (non parent) parking space I realised I didn’t have a pound for the trolley.

You didn’t know that when I got in the shop with my 4 month old in a sling and carrying my 2 year old because he couldn’t walk because he’d just woken up. I’d finally found a member of staff to ask for a token for the trolley, only to be told we don’t do that you need to go to the till (with the ridiculously long cue) and get some change. Very helpful!

You didn’t know that I was hot sweaty and cursing myself that I should try and save money by coming shopping when I could have just sat at home and ordered it online.

You didn’t know any of that, you just saw a mummy with two children doing her shopping.

‘You’ve got your hands full!’ She said during our shop.
When she saw us again at the tills, she offered to help me load my shopping on to the belt. I was struggling a little as I had Elijah in a stretchy wrap, and bending over those ridiculously deep trolleys was difficult.

Once she’d helped me put the shopping on the belt she finished putting her shopping on and helped me pack my bags! If you’ve been in Lidl you will know that you have to be an Olympic bag packer to have a hope of keeping up with the till assistant!

I could have cried she was so kind, much kinder and so much more helpful than the staff! She even offered to help me to the car.

This act of kindness made a trip to the shops that could have ruined my day and questioned my ability to parent two children, a lot more manageable !

Thank you so much, and I’m sorry I didn’t get your name, I was still a little flustered from the shopping process and the fact that Elijah was nuzzling and grizzling for more milk!

I promise that I will help the next person I see who has their hand full, and hopefully make their day a bit easier.

Id love to hear your stories, has a stranger helped you? comment below . . .

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11 thoughts on “To the kind lady in Lidl . . . 

  1. She sounds fab! I think it’s the little things for me, people who’ll hold open the massively heavy doors for me when you’re trying to get the pram through, and the lovely man in Sainsburys who helped me search for her dummy when she dropped it, averting a massive tantrum! (from her, not me lol) #TriumphantTales

  2. It only takes a few minutes out of your day to do something kind for someone else – I think we get a fear of rejection or worry the person will think you think they’re incapable, but sometimes you’ve gotta get over that and offer the help anyway! Because like you said you don’t know what kind of day that person may be having and your simple question of “do you need a hand” could change everything! – shopping with kids is a nightmare in itself lol, good on you for doing it! X

  3. #dreamteam im back! so what I wrote was a few weeks a go I saw a mummy crying at a bus stop. I made the mr turn around and ended up leaving my son, hubby and dog on the side of the road to get her home. She was a single mum with 2 under 2!!! Her car broke a few days before and she only had a pram for one, she was waiting at the bus stop – when she realised there were no buses on Sunday. She was broken and it was a delight to help out in some small way (secretly I wanted to take them all home)

  4. ahhhh how lovely!! I love it when the public do things like this as it makes all the horrors in the news go away and realise there are nice people out there! I’ve once been at a train platform and saw a mum struggling to push her buggy with a sleeping little girl in it down the stairs. I was with my friends but quickly run to help her down the stairs and the look of pure happiness she gave me was all the thanks I needed!
    Thank you for sharing your story with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  5. Little acts of kindness mean so much. I also think people in Lidl and Aldi are nicer. So many times people let me go in front of them at the till when I only have a couple of items compared tot their full trolleys. I love returning the favour too #triumphanttales

  6. There needs to be more people like this in the world!! Kindness really goes a long way and I wish more people would think to help others like this. I have doing the food shop with the 2 kids as I find it so stressful, the other week in Asda though I was in a similar situation (baby in sling/tired grumpy 3 year old) and someone helped me with my shopping at he checkout and it really did make my day.xx #triumphanttales

  7. Oh how lovely! Stories like this restore my faith in humanity. We hear so much about parents being judged and criticised and it’s just so heartwarming to read about the people out there that are happy to help and support. Shopping with small children always makes me feel like I’m failing at motherhood. It’s just so flipping stressful at times. Hurray to this lovely lady for helping out and offering a friendly hand. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  8. Oh how lovely! It’s the little things isn’t it. They make such a difference. The world of difference sometimes especially in situations like this. It’s such a shame that the shop staff didn’t help though! #DreamTeam xx

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