How do people do it??

How do you do it ? Do you do it ? Do I just think I should be able to do it ?

How do you manage to have a social life and ensure that 2 mini humans and your husband stay alive, watered, fed and happy.

Have a bit of ‘me’ time they say. . .

When am I possibly ment to fit that in? In between the washing, ironing, constant cleaning, cooking, food shopping, meal planning, feeding, winding, changing, bathing, night feeds. And even if I could who has the energy ?

I went to my cousins hen do today, but because I’m breast feeding and can’t manage to express any milk ( when do people express??) I took Elijah. We just went to the afternoon craft event. It was lovely when we got there but to be able to have 2 hours of ‘me’ time: I had to get two children up, dressed and fed, myself showered, hair washed, make up on, two bags packed for the day, clothes washing done and all of us out of the house and in the car, amongst the tantrums and baby screaming because he wanted to be picked up. I then dropped my eldest off at his nanna and grandads and then sat in a 20 min stand still, trying to get parked, with a screaming hungry baby. Fed Elijah in the car park wrestled with the Pram and finally got there. Surely this is enough to make anyone’s blood pressure hit the roof.

It just doesn’t seem worth it! I feel like I could quite easily become a hermit and not leave my village!

Please tell me I’m not the only one?

I love my friends and family and of course I want to see them, but I’m finding it so hard at the minute!

I just find it so difficult getting out the house with two children, I worry that Samuel won’t stay still, or that he’ll ‘kick off’ while I’m feeding Elijah and I won’t be able to do anything about it, I worry that they will both kick off at the same time.

Just a simple trip food shopping is hard! Have you heard about my recent trip?

I equally worry about leaving them!

Please tell me it gets better!

Please tell me I’m not the only one who looks at a social invitation as a complete logistical nightmare!

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