What Elijah’s reading . . . with discount code!

Elijah is now 5 months old and he is so interested in everything around him! He loves his books, the brighter the better, so I am very pleased that i can write the first in the series of ‘what Elijah’s reading’.

I thought Samuel was a book lover but Elijah has exceeded all expectations. His favorite time of the day is when he is snuggled in bed with Samuel listening to a bedtime story.

I love watching Elijah and Samuel snuggled in bed with a book, it’s just the cutest thing.

I can’t remember Samuel getting so excited about books at this age, he liked them and would sit cuddled up with us and listen, but Elijah gets so excited by the colors and pictures, he flings his hands about like he is trying to grab the illustrations.

One of his favorite books at the moment is  ‘Things that go’ an indestructible book by Amy Pixon.

We were kindly sent this book by Amanda from Books and pieces when we were very excitingly asked to be a part of the Books and Pieces Parent Panel.

We Love  . . .

The bright colors and illustrations, Samuel loves to ‘help’ Elijah read it by telling him what the pictures are and saying ‘ look Lijah … Bus!’ (he cant quite say Elijah yet)

This book claims to be chew proof and rip proof and Elijah has tried to do both of these but the book has survived. It has also been slobbered on, shouted at, thrown, scrunched, sicked on and generally man handled by a spirited 5 month old and it is still in one piece! I just hope Elijah doesn’t think he can treat every book like this!

After Elijah has slobbered all over his book, we can even wash it! The Indestructibles website suggests that you pop it in the bath with your little one when it needs a little freshen up.

Look at the concentration on his face!

The best thing about this book is that it is in the Books and Pieces 3 for £10 offer and if you use the ‘NorfolkMummy10’ discount code you get a further 10% off any purchase. I think this book would make a great gift for any new baby.

What are your little one’s reading at the moment? Id love to hear, comment below  . . .

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