Our Hartbeeps experience

To say I was a bit nervous about taking Samuel and Elijah to a baby class on my own, is an understatement! I was Terrified. Samuel is very strong willed and I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get him to sit still and listen while looking after Elijah. I had visions of me running round a village hall after Samuel with Elijah on my hip, sweating and feeling Embarrassed!

Fortunately this didn’t happen . . . . Much!

From the very beginning of the class Samuel and Elijah were completely engaged, they loved it!

It was an absolute delight for all our senses!

Each week has a different theme, this week it was rain, we jumped in muddy puddles, dressed up as frogs and drove our cars.

The hello song and the end part of the class are always the same, which is lovely because it becomes very familiar and the children get to know what to expect.
One of my favourite parts of the class is quiet time! It’s not just because it’s nice and calm I just love that as soon as the pretty lights come on and the room goes dark, the children instantly settle. The calm and awe their children’s faces is just beautiful.

Samuel loves laying down on his special pillow, tucked up with his blanket.

How cute is this photo!!!

If your looking for a new baby or toddler class I’d highly recommend it! For anyone in looking for a class in Norwich or surrounding areas you can pop over the the Hartbeeps Facebook page here.



Note: This is not a sponsered or paid post. We received our first class free, as part of the offer available to all new family’s attending hartbeeps, I was under no obligation to write a review but thought it was such a great class that I needed to share with you.

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