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How to build a bug hotel

Samuel absolutely loves being outside! Whenever we see a creepy crawly he likes to bend down, get as close as possible and have a little chat with them “Hello catpila how are tuday”.
I on the other hand, am not the biggest fan of anything creepy and crawly, but being a mummy of boys I have a feeling I may have to get over this aversion.

We had great fun building this bug hotel from the preparation of collecting sticks, pinecones and acorns to fill it. To putting it together ( or watching daddy put it together!)

If you would like to make your own . . .

Here’s what you’ll need

10x bricks

3x old slabs or pieces of wood

Lots or sticks/pinecones

Some bamboo canes

Any old pots

3x old roof tiles

This is just a guide, you can use bits of pips, smaller bits of wood, bits of broken pots.get as creative as you like.

How to build your bug hotel

Step 1-

Preparation: have lots of fun walking in the woods and parks finding lots of sticks, pine cones and pieces of bark to fill your bug hotel with.

As you can see we had a lovely time!

Elijah’s thinking what are they doing now??!

Step 2-

Place one slab/piece of wood on the ground and level if necessary.

Step 3-

Add bricks to support the second slab/piece of wood.

Step 4-

Place the 2nd slab/ piece of wood on top.

Step 5- 

Place some more bricks and add the 3rd slab on top.

Place your roof tiles on top of the third slab.

Step 6-

Start adding your sticks and bamboo canes. When it’s full you have your very own ‘Bug Hotel’ all there is to do is wait for your first guests!

This is the fun bit! Samuel loved helping arrange everything. 

Elijah likes watching!

So there you have it how to make your very own bug hotel. Have fun bug hunting!

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