I just want some sleep !!!! 

Sleep is basically all I think about at the moment, apart from when I’m thinking about weaning! ( but that’s for another post)
When Elijah was first born we got a bit cocky, we regularly got 5 hours sleep in a row and it was lovely.

Roll on to 7 months old and I am exhausted! Elijah is king of the power naps, unless he is sleeping on me or hubby. We are currently co-sleeping, but because we only have a double bed hubby has been sleeping on the sofa! Which was working but now me and Elijah are having a terrible disturbed night sleep, and hubby is getting a sore back sleeping on the sofa!

One of the main reasons Elijah is a terrible sleeper is that he has a condition called laryngomalacia which is basically means the tissues of the larynx are floppy and malformed. This causes a slight obstruction to his airway, especially in certain positions ( the car seat is the worst) and he coughs and gasps in the night every so often which wakes him up and he is very hard to settle. I’m told that this is not harmful and he will grow out of it. This should start to get better when he is a year old. But honestly I can’t wait that long!

We’ve tried a dummy during the day it works ok but in the night it just doesn’t settle him. Maybe I need to try a few different brands?

When he is awake he is a very happy baby, so I hope it isn’t having to much of an affect on him. Maybe I just need to get a king size mattress on the floor ( so Elijah doesn’t roll out of bed) and ride it out until he grows out of it?

Have you had this experience?
What did you do?

If you have any advice I’d love to hear it, comment below. . .

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