Brotherly Love

Well some of the time . . . .

Over the past few weeks I’ve witness some really heartwarming Brotherly love.

This has taken a big weight off my shoulders because when Elijah was first born Samuel was not interested in him at all, if we said come and see your brother he would, but the rest of the time he just acted like he wasn’t there! ( I think he thought if he ignored him he’d go away!!)

I think one of my favourite brother moments is when Elijah wakes up from a nap Samuel will tip his head to one side and say in the cutest of voices ‘Did you have a nice sleep Lijah’ it melts my heart every time, even when Samuel says it in a ‘sarcastic look at me aren’t I cute voice’ because he’s just done something naughty and he thinks that will get him off the hook! ( which it does most of the time. . . I’m weak!)

Another great Brother moment is bath time, the other day Samuel had got in the bath first. Elijah was standing up leaning against the bath watching him and they started a lovely game of peek-a-boo.

Sitting in a supermarket trolley, I don’t think there is anything cuter than my two boys sitting together in a trolly.

What brothers don’t bond over a good meal?? Well Samuel and Elijah love a picnic breakfast,lunch or dinner they’re not fussy!

Some picnic toast!

Here you go brother I’ll help you with your water!

Another lovely moment is when Samuel helps me change Elijah’s nappy.

Elijah is an absolute tinker for rolling over, crawling away and generally been an absolute pain to get a nappy on. So I’ve started to ask Samuel to help me distract him. He will play with a toy, talk to him or just gently pat his head while talking to him! It’s the cutest! He might be doing it just so he can ‘see Lijahs poo poo!’ ( why are boys obsessed with poo??!) but still it’s a lovely moment!

So if you have just introduced a baby to your eldest and things aren’t going as smoothly as you imagined. Have faith they will get better!

What are your favourite sibling moments? Let me know in the comments below.

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