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Summer Reading Challenge

Running out of Summer Holiday activities yet?

We’ve just signed up to Norfolk Libraries Summer Reading challenge.

When you sign up you get a booklet with a space to record the books you’ve read and a map to put your stickers on you earn. If you complete the challenge you get a medal and a certificate. For those readers that complete the challenge early there are also the extension activities.

As you can see Elijah’s quite excited about it!

We went to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge last week. In my head I’d planned how it would go, we would arrive the boys would be excited about all the books, we would choose some together, maybe sit and have a few stories in the library then hurry home to read the rest of them!

In reality I forgot the pushchair so had to try and hold the slippery fish that is Elijah while filling in the sign up forms. All whilst watching Samuel out of the corner of my eye praying that he hasn’t broken anything while he bashes about on a computer keyboard!

But after the sign up was complete me and Elijah found some lovely books and Samuel pretended to be the supermarket lady at the till (computer) scanning our books.

The dream. . .

. . . The reality!

And of course there was the obligatory tantrum when I dared take Samuel away from the ’till’!

We had a lovely story session at home though, I love snuggling up with a book. I don’t know about you but I find it’s one of the only times the boys will sit still for more that two minuets. ( unless they are glued to gecko’s garage or the tele)

This is the selection of books we choose. Elijah especially liked the Bing book and the touch and feel Peter Rabbit book.

Samuel absolutely loves ‘Diggory Digger and the dinosaurs’ I have a feeling I might have to get on Amazon and buy this one before we have to take it back or there will be tears!

I wondered if the boys were a bit young to sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge, but I’m glad we did it. It gives us the excuse to go to the library and gives us somewhere to go for an hour if they are getting bored at home. I’m sure they will love the different themes ( its Dennis the menace this year) and choosing their own books when they get a bit older, but for now we are enjoying the walk down there, and the cuddles and new stories when we get home.

My Tips for a peaceful Library visit

  1. Find a library without computers in the children’s section!
  2. Take a pushchair if going on your own with more than one little one.
  3. Sign up at your local library ( you can collect stickers from other library’s, but you can only collect your medal and certificate when completed at the library you signed up with)
  4. Enjoy the cuddles and stories either at the library or when you get home 😊
  • What books 📚 are you enjoying this summer ? Let me know in the comments . .
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