Mud and bloom – nature crafts and garden activity box

The lovely Anja from Mud and Bloom sent us February’s gardening and nature activities box, the box arrived in the post and was small enough to fit through the letterbox.

It came with four crafts/activities: Aubergine seeds to plant, cosmos seeds to plant, a kit to make (We still have this to do!) and ice decorations to make.

The boys love planting seeds so we did these first. The box come with most items you need, for the planting activity we just added an egg box.

The little compost pellets were brilliant, the boys loved watching these ‘grow’ in the water and I couldn’t believe how big they got!

“Working together.”

Samuel helped make little holes in the compost and Elijah ‘tried’ to help me with the seeds!!

Included in the box were wooden sticks to write what you have planted on them. In the confusion I didn’t pay attention to what section each seed was going in so I’m not sure which is which! 🤦‍♀️ But we will soon find out when they grow!

All done ready to watch them grow!

After just 2 weeks we have put the seedlings in larger pots.

The next activity we tried was making Ice decorations. We were having unusually warm weather so we made these in the freezer.

The boys enjoyed finding leaves and sticks to decorate them with and of course collected far too many!! So here is just a small collection.

Samuel carefully placing the leaves in the lids.

This was an activity of two parts collecting the foliage and making the decoration and the the next day, removing them from the lids and watching them drip and melt away .

Don’t they look pretty!

If you would like some more information about the activity boxes pop over to the Mud and Bloom website and for 15% discount use the code below-

Discount code: ANORFOLKMUMMY

Note: We were gifted February’s activity box in exchange for an honest review. All opinions and photos are my own.

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