Hi I’m Jessica a mummy and a wife living in the beautiful county of Norfolk. I have two beautiful boys, Samuel who has just turned two, and Elijah who is 11 weeks. We have a large clumsy dog called Dolly, and a cat called Macey.

I love living in Norfolk because you can be at the coast or the city in 30 minutes, there are lots of little towns to explore and there are some lovely national trust properties. But best of all there are some amazing places to eat!! I love eating out, not only because it’s lovely when someone else cooks for you, but they wash up as well! Since becoming a mummy this has become my favorite thing to do, a close second would be a walk on wells beach followed by chips (of course), and then of course baby play dates.

When I started weaning Samuel I relighted my passion for baking and cooking (which is a good job really as he is a typical boy who can never get enough food! ). I’m trying my hardest where possible to give Samuel sugar free (refined sugar, he still has natural sugars) snacks and meals, but this is tricky sometimes, I can’t believe how many snacks designed for babies and children have so much sugar in them!

Music is another love of mine, and Samuel and Elijah seem to have developed this passion too which is great, not that they had much choice as Daddy is always singing and playing the guitar!

I hope you enjoy reading my ramblings xxx